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All I wanted to do was to hug u one last time.



Pretending to be happy, never will I forget, never will this wound heal, whatever has been done cannot be undone, though we are strangers nw never will I forget the things we did

"To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness."

— (via picsandquotes)

(via picsandquotes)


MIT’s Media Laboratory’s project - Immersion, is a tool that supervises e-mails and puts it together in the form of a graphical representation. This tool is widely used by the National Security Agency to collect any information regarding an individual.

This metadata provides information about the people you’re sending e-mails to and receiving e-mails from and the time the messages was sent and recieved. But the contents of the mail is not accessible.

I personally feel that Immersion, although opposed by many seems harmless. It does not allow agencies to read the contents of your mail thereby respecting the privacy of an individual. It is an excellant tool for Crime Scene Ivestigators to trap their victims!

On the other hand, Immersion gives a detailed history of a persons life regarding your business partners and close friends.

11 BCA 4216

The challenge for Indian Cricket

The tri-series - India, Sri Lanka and West Indies has tested both Indias strengths and weaknesses. Skipper M S Dhoni’s injury has troubled the Indians along with the challenging conditions.

The main reason for the poor performance according to me, is the lack of rest for the players. Hardly a week after the Champions Trophy win the players landed in West Indies for the tri-series. However, the team being led by Virat Kholi does not lack the passion or determination and are sure to put up a brilliant performance.

I believe that this is the right platform for young Indian cricketers to show their capabilities. A time for us to judge the future of Indian Cricket.

11 BCA 4216

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Martin Pêcheur by Panter-Pics on Flickr.

all this happened between sunrise and sunset by Monika Gete on Flickr.